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Digital jeweler webinar: 3D design + 3D printing

3Design and Formlabs LIVE WEBINAR

Tuesday 15th May 6PM (GMT+1)

Jewelry being a very old activity throughout the world, it had to adapt and evolve with its time. Now, technological advancements allow designers and creators to transform the way they work.

The advent of CAD software and 3D printers are one of the turning points for the jewelry industry. In fact, the use of 3D environments breaks the limits of what is physically possible with a traditional jeweler’s hands. A 3D software brings new possibilities when it comes to creations, and a 3D printer allows the artist to rapidly produce prototypes, bringing life to his creations.

3Design is today’s reference when talking about conceiving jewelry in 3D, along with Formlabs when it comes to prototyping jewels for clients. Getting these technologies is easy and eases up the production process, ensuring maximum satisfaction for your clients.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • 3D CAD software and its application for jewelry
  • 3D printing machines and their integration in the workshop
  • Zina Sterling Silver’s experience as a jeweler who uses both tools: 3Design and the Form 2

Pooja Sahny

3D software specialist at 3Design

Amanda Efthimiou

Jewelry specialist at Formlabs

Andrew Goldstein

Jewelry Designer at Zina Sterling Silver

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